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Seven Spring Farm and Vineyard

Member Name: Preston & Jamal Williams
Address *: 332 Axtell Ridgeway Road
City *: Norlina
State *: North Carolina
Zip *: 27563
Phone: 252-529-9002

All About Us

Located in beautiful Warren County, North Carolina near the town of Ridgeway, we are a small family owned and operated farm and vineyard.  Our passion for nature and love of cultivation stems from the generations that came before us and we have been blessed to continue the legacy. Seven Springs Farms and Vineyards reside on a family owned property with seven naturally created springs that has been in the family since circa 1990. We have been enjoying the gracious soil that our livestock, agriculture and family have been apart of for over 29 years. We started this most recent vineyard venture in November of 2017. The muscadine grape is a celebratory grape of the south and the history of our area has been historically acclaimed by European settlers who were aware of great growing climates and soils for grapes similar to the likes of France, Italy and other European countries. Before the 1870s, this area is great for not only growing cantaloupes (that are still the best in the world!), but also the soil and temperate climate for successful grape cultivation. This is truly a family owned and operated venture that with hard work and dedication has become a fruition, monumental and glorious time in our wake of life. We are so excited that we will be primed to be open in the very near future and we are inviting all to take part and enjoy the livestock, vineyard, scenery and breeze that always blows gently.



Thank you for visiting from the Seven Springs Farms and Vineyards Family!

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