Saturday, September 26, 2020

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Behind The Door Studio

Member Name: Karen Sielski
Address *: 227 Hutcheson Drive
City *: Henrico
State *: North Carolina
Zip *: 27842
Phone: 703-850-6718

All About Us

Long ago, and many art supplies and markers later, I still create art from the depths of my mind as well as places and experiences of my life. Come journey with me, for a little bit or the long run. Oh and don’t mind all the dog hair....


My art is influenced by many things - places she's visited, life experiences, work meetings, stupid things people do, Talavera motifs esp. suns and skulls as well as what is called "outsider art" . Certainly not traditional art ! Various artists also have influenced her work such as Salvador Dali, R. Crumb, Vaughn Bodé, Keith Haring, as well as graffiti artists and political cartoonists. Basically anything that catches her eye. The brighter the wilder the better!

Do you see my art or do you see my heart?

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Located in: Artists & Crafters

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