Monday, January 20, 2020

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Yadtel Group

Member Name: Paul Jones
Address: 1419 Courtney Huntsville Road
City: Yadkinville
State: North Carolina
Zip: 27055
Phone: 336-463-1800
Alternate Phone: 336-463-1802

All About Us

The Yadtel Group traces its heritage to the 1950’s when a group of local citizens began organizing a telephone cooperative to serve the rural Yadkin Valley area of North Carolina. By the 1960’s, the cooperative had grown to become a leading provider of telecom services for residences and businesses in the area, and along the way, had begun to develop software services for itself that could be used by other emerging telecom companies. What started as a company department later became a subsidiary called The Data Center, Inc. which continued to develop software systems and services for Yadtel Telecom, and to offer them to other telecommunications providers and businesses in the United States. Yadtel Telecom evolved to offer a variety of deregulated services in addition to landline telephone service. These offerings currently include Internet, TV, wireless, long distance, networking, pc repair and business systems. Today, as a member of the Yadtel Group, the former "Data Center, Inc." provides billing and operations support systems under the brand Yadtel Billing and OSS, and publishing services and online media management under the brand Yadtel Publishing. Together with Yadtel Telecom, these progressive units comprise a unique offering of expertise and services. Perhaps you or your business could benefit from our ability and willingness to customize your telecommunications offerings, networking, billing, operations, and publishing services to your specific needs.
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