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The Boat Lift Store

Member Name: Lewis P. Fields
Address *: 1557 NC HWY 903
City *: Littleton
State *: North Carolina
Zip *: 27850
Phone: 252-586-5437
Alternate Phone: 252-586-2683

All About Us

Simply the best...At the Boat Lift Store, we strive to provide a large selection of quality products, reasonable prices, and good service provided by qualified, dedicated staff. If this is what you are looking for in a Boat Lift, then you’ve come to the right place. Choose the easiest, most economical way to store and protect your boat.

For Boat Lifts that are engineered and tested for the most dependable and most safe lift, choose DOOZIE! Doozie® Boat Lifts take only a few hours to install and require minimum maintenance. All Boat Lift parts are hot-dip galvanized to provide years of service. Our Boat Lifts are available for you in models ranging from 3000-lb. boat house applications, to 14,000-lb. 4 post lifts. There's a Doozie® Boat Lift available to meet your needs.

Doozie® 4 post lifts are designed to lift your boat with double gear drives that are open across the boat slip. The 6,000lb. Pontoon Boat Lift includes risers that support the deck, or brackets that support the tubes. The 8,000-lb. and 12,000-lb. Boat Lifts come with two I-beam spreaders which add additional support between the cradle beams.


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