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Greensville Health & Rehabilitation Center

Member Name: Janet White
Address *: 214 Weaver Avenue
City *: Emporia
State *: Virginia
Zip *: 23847
Phone: 434-348-2150

All About Us

In 1988 Greensville Memorial Hospital in Emporia, Virginia, added a nursing home wing to its facility and named it Greensville Manor Nursing Home. In 2003 the hospital moved to its new facility, vacating the existing hospital portion of the structure, leaving only the nursing home. This 65-bed facility was acquired by The Epic Group in 2005, and Janet White, who was the Administrator at Emporia Manor and the Regional Director of Operations for Virginia for The Epic Group, assumed the responsibility for the new acquisition. Plans began for the demolition of the abandoned building and the renovation/addition.        In 2011 a complete renovation was completed and 12,000-square-foot addition was constructed for the 65-bed facility to include private rooms with flat screen tvs, private bathrooms with showers and a “state of the art” rehab gym. A kitchen was added, as well as laundry, dining room and enclosed courtyard. Open house for the “new” facility was in August of 2012. Since that time, the facility has directed the focus towards the short-term rehab services needed in the area with a goal of transitioning the facility to short-term rehab. The facility offers Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy with a goal to have our residents ready to return to their home within 2 to 3 weeks. The current population is approximately 30% short-term rehab with the goal to increase that percentage in the future.  

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