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Address *: 4312B Gasburg Road
Phone: 252-204-8322
Custom bling designs, embroidery, koozies, monograms
Address *: 2401 Eaton Ferry Road
Phone: 888-800-3002
LKG registered trademarked clothing & accessories
Address *: 109 Canaan Court
Phone: 336-768-2907
As a local farmer/business we also grow our own jalapenos and tomatoes to create our specialty jam and jalapeno pepper jelly.
Address *: 418 Becker Drive
Phone: 252-537-9100
A Wholesale and Retail Customized Food &Grocery Distributor Servicing Eastern North Carolina
Address *: 100 N. E. Main Street
Phone: 252-586-4044
Fresh seasonal produce, bakery, hand selection of fine wine and craft beer.
Address *: 4583 Hwy 903
Phone: 434-636-4586
Keepsake Kitchens was inspired by the love of a large family spending quality time gathered in the kitchen.
Address *: 1317 Paul Street
Phone: 757-377-2616
Offerings include t-shirts, tank tops, and hoodies.
Address *: 1027 Wise Five Forks Road
Phone: 252-257-5994
Local, natural beef

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